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Use our Bitcoin Doubler to "Double Spend" your Transaction in the blockchain to generate free bitcoin instantly.

Double Your Bitcoin App transfers your deposit, split it into at least 10 transactions and automatically forward them to multiple wallets. This will confirm each transaction back to the wallet which sent you the bitcoins, earning you free bitcoin in the process! This method is based on Bitcoin double spending, which will trick the blockchain network into confirming every duplicated /doubled bitcoin transaction.

Take advantage of our Blockchain algorithm and generate free Bitcoin with the help of bitcoin doubler. We provide an investment service that uses Bitcoin Double spending to reduce risk, giving you more time for profit!. You don’t need to download anything to use double your bitcoin app! We do all the work for you behind the scenes and make sure all transactions are stored on our blockchain network. You can just scroll to our Payment History or just visit the "Transaction Checker" .

bitcoin doubler 2022 - bitcoin double spending

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NOTICE: You can only use this algorithm once every 90 Days (one computer, one IP, one wallet)

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How to use the Bitcoin Double Spending tool ?


Step 1

Enter your Bitcoin address where you want to receive your Bitcoins to.


Step 2 - Double your Bitcoin

Double your Bitcoin by clicking the button. A pop-up will show the generated bitcoin address that you need to send your Bitcoin to.


Step 3 - Done

You will receive your doubled bitcoin back to the bitcoin address that you have entered in Step 1. Enjoy

How does the Bitcoin Doubler work?

Bitcoin Doubler 2022
Cryptocurrencies are just another form of currency that can be stored on the blockchain. It's quick and easy for anyone to get their own copy, making it vulnerable as well since there is no central authority in charge. br>
We have collected and studied the Bitcoin blockchain from within and have found out an imperceptible but very significant exploit - Bitcoin Double spending. Our bitcoin doubler will use multiple techniques such as the "Vector76 method" or the "51% Attack" in which we will be splitting your Transaction into multiple confirmed transactions.

We have discovered this exploit early 2022 and we we are now able to help a lot of bitcoin users with our Bitcoin Doubler.
Unfortunately, we cannot send the same bitcoin with a transaction that has already been used. This is why there's an online Bitcoin doubler site for you - make double your Bitcoins easily!

You can double your Bitcoins through this amazing service! We multiply the send amount and split by our algorithm in order to generate new bitcoin hashes, you'll receive 200-250% of original amount back while running. All that's left for you is just using Bitcoin doubler

Simply type in your Payout address and click the "DOUBLE BITCOIN" button to make a deposit. You will receive double bitcoins back between 10-15 minutes, if you picked instant offer! The payout times depend on how much bitcoin we have sent from our end - so it's always worth checking back for updates before sending out any more funds."

bitcoin double spending tool

Why trust us ?

The Double Your Bitcoin app is the most secure way to double your bitcoins, and we make sure that you can always rely on us. You will never be without a safe place in cases where things go wrong because our automatic algorithm works 24/7 for every transaction made! - It's like winning at slots but better. Incase your having trouble using Double Your Bitcoin App just send your questions [email protected] and we will help you as fast as possible!


What we do ?

We're a team of hackers who find bugs and exploits in different internet ventures including bitcoin/crypto currency. In 2022 we focused on the Double Your Bitcoin App to double your bitcoins, and found a way to tie in Bitcoin hashes. This allowed us to generate multiple outgoing transactions from single one transaction. In 2022 focused on The Double Your Bitcoin App to double your bitcoins, and found a way to tie in bitcoin hashes. Bitcoin hashes in order to generate multiply outgoing transactions from a single one, we'll create an exploit in the blockchain that lets us generate up to twice as much from your original input.


Why do we double bitcoin ?

We know a lot of people are interested in the innovative new digital currency Bitcoin, and that it can do wonders for our world. That's why we're here! Our job is to make accessible so everyone has access-not just big investors or mining companies like you might think. We created this website so that every person on Earth can be acquainted with cryptocurrencies without being restricted by oppressive governments who seek to regulate them. . We don't want to draw your attention to any one cryptocurrency, but instead let you explore and decide for yourself which cryptocurrencies you want to use.We believe that cryptocurrencies will be the most important financial technologies in the 21st century, and help us all escape from our centralized banking systems that are plagued by fraud, money laundering, and tax evasion.

Bitcoin double spending security

Best Bitcoin Doubler 2022

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  • Keep track of your Bitcoins during the process
    "Click here to keep track of your ongoing transactions"
  • Powerfull website with SSL encryption and DDOS Protection
  • 100% uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail

How to use the Bitcoin doubler / Double Your Bitcoin App?

View our "How to" video if you have any question on how to use our bitcoin double spending tool. Feel free to contact us, if you have any further questions.

How to use Bitcoin Double Spending ?

- Go to Access window
- Enter your Bitcoin address (this will be the address where you will receive your doubled bitcoins to)
- Copy your "transaction-ID"
- Click the "double bitcoin"-button at the bottom

* Bitcoin doubler Deposit window will open up *

- Copy the generated address shown in the new window or scan the QR-Code
- Deposit at least 0.0006 Btc to the address

For Example :

Send 0.001 - 0.003 Btc to get 0.002 - 0.006 Btc back instantly
Send 0.003 - 0.01 Btc to get 0.006 - 0.02 Btc back in 5 hours
Send 0.01 Btc - 0.099 Btc to get 0.02 - 0.2 Btc back in around 12 hours

Bitcoin doubler status

If you havent used our "instant-offer" your always check the current status of your transaction. Simply go to Transaction-Checker and enter your transaction-id. -->

How i can double my bitcoin

Generally, there are two main ways to earn bitcoins using bitcoin doubler sites: through traditional methods with or by waiting for a period of time and accumulating more bitcoins at the end. The second one is much more profitable but also riskier. It implies investing your money in both periods so that you have twice as many coins as you initially invested. It's kind of a way to gamble those coins and double your money as well.

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0.0048.. BTC 0.0096.. BTC 3BMPbGqxKbUmJU95axEda7NWti78dHXjBG 67c956729d38b8155e85044c58e4dc4b99cfbaa351d3a2d26d010c04162d27bf

0.0049.. BTC 0.0099.. BTC bc1qrhpw3yy9srv07x7j4fgssscjuj22dh9xk3r5ra fd5cd65a63957694cf55832f8687d401d2792685d861dcd4c3d55dd6339458dd

0.30.. BTC 0.061.. BTC bc1qw0ljq8k84kultvau3gr9xv6q6c67rkp5q2d9fp e9401666046a6061560a3e7ca3baa84000b6c723e24f6842a5c48b05dbac8189

0.007.. BTC 0.014.. BTC bc1q54vc9l2ga69tta90d4tg2987hcj4zgdcgaaslc f3ea0b2a0c58d7cd5b368a11636e2870ae89439ac4ef3a5db1d080ab5207b300

0.025 BTC 0.05 BTC bc1qsh37y9gh35t734af49gg0qjqpvv4faq6hqq2y4 675b561fd7dc3f76be1d88774f29ea7884e6fa51e7388ea87493361eb288d78a
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